Why 90% of Fortune 1,000 will use Linkedin’s Sales Navigator by 2016

Short answer: Linkedin’s Sales Navigator will help increase relevant lead generation, sales professionals productivity and CRM log activity – and management satisfaction.

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You know it’s true: Sales professionals Don’t Like CRMs. Sales people enjoy client face time, talking to prospects, the “freedom” of getting out of the office on working hours, the hype of closing a deal. They bore the administrative work, logging their activities into the CRM- email, phone calls, client visits … they think it’s a waste of their time, most of the time duplicating work: p.e. actual calling and then logging the call details. And managers may concur that their logging time is not the most productive use of their -expensive- time.

You also know it’s true: Managers LOVE CRMs. It’s the reporting “manna”. Every sales rep would log its activity, pipeline, maturity of opportunities, size of potential deals, number of visits, calls … And C-level officers have a single, consistent source of information on actual sales and visibility on forecast and future sales. Only if those sales reps where diligent enough…

Now let’s picture this: A sales pro logs into the corporate CRM. A set of new leads is already in his inbox – the Linkedin Ads campaign and Intelligent Lead Generation has worked well this past night and has identified those targets that have clicked on the Ads. Every lead comes populated with its Linkedin profile, title, organization, and it’s within the sales representative target group. The Lead was assigned based on connections and social proximity. From within the CRM, he gathers intelligence on the lead, sends an InMail with a soft introduction, at the same time checks responses from past interactions with other leads. Linkedin’s Inbox is accessible from within the CRM, and every activity is registered in the lead record. The sales cycle phase is followed within the CRM and all other interactions with the leads are logged on the system as well – IP phone calls are just a click away on the lead profile’s number; emails and web conferences are launched within the CRM, … At the same time, cost is under control: Linkedin licenses are managed centrally, and are property of the corporation -so not every sales representative expenses its own premium membership. The company is managing a large number of licenses and therefore driving overall cost down and avoiding paying for memberships to professionals that may no longer be with the company.

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Result: Sales pros will be comfortable using the CRM since it truly enables their productivity and the system automatically logs their activities; and managers are even more satisfied with results since they have a more reliable and updated source of information while managing overall costs.

This is not far from becoming a reality.

Linkedin Sales Navigator already enables:
– Marketing campaigns (Linkedin Ads)
– Generation of lists of targets and leads (Saved Profiles, Automated Searches)
– Display of Linkedin Profiles within CRMs (Salesforce, Dynamics)
– Gathering of Intelligence: Teamlink lets you benefit from your colleagues network
– Management of multiple memberships

What’s the opportunity:
– Creation and launch of campaigns – Linkedin Ads- from within the Campaigns section of the CRM
– Enabling of access to WVYP (Who has viewed your profile) from the CRM
– Integration of Linkedin’s Inbox and InMails with the CRM
– Integration with Sales Cycle Management, Social Media add-ons, and other pieces of software for complex sales solutions management – or development a product of their own
– Corporate Licenses to manage access to Linkedin’s platform from corporate CRMs

Linkedin Sales Navigator can, and will be, the single most relevant piece of software to drive revenue growth that large corporations will acquire in the coming three years.

At Execus (http://salessolutions.execus.com) we anticipate that 90% of Fortune 1,000 will use Linkedin’s Sales Navigator by 2016.

Would you agree? Any comments?

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  1. Victor Arias says:

    If it only were true…
    Look forward to seeing this Linkedin Sales Navigator, as you name it, work and produce results. No doubt the Linkedin professional network is the key to its success.

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